SNUS Panel discussion at William Pitcher College.

Topic;”Critical Analysis of Current State of the SNUS Branch in the Institution “. As successes , It was pointed out that the branch through tireless efforts from the branch leadership, managed to increase the membership of the organization and cement the hegemony of the organization in the institution, to secure 60{dd22020f79daaa2175fc331b204fc9638e38d7b2530ff9433da68d139f63e303} of the portfolios at the SRC and also hold two political discussions on relevance of the education system and scholarship policy.

Not withstanding the glaring signs of improvement supported by the actual  and visible presence of the membership, the branch pointed out that they had only been visited twice by the  former national leadership in their entire term of office. they stated that, that lead to a serious communication breakdown between the national leadership and the branch leadership.It was also pointed out that some members use the union as a window through which they peep to the SRC positions, it was stated that upon been voted to the SRC positions,they then turn to rarely participate in the  SNUS activities. It was further pointed out that the national leadership has not assisted them in implementing the campaigns that they had proposed as a branch.

CORRECTIVE MEASURES: A newly adopted Deployment Policy  by Congress wasp presented on the branch and also a program of action which accompanies a strategy on how it is gonna be implemented was also presented and discussed in the discussion. The branch is now clear on what it expected from it.