The 14th – 16th OF August 2014 Rural Womens Assembly; Peoples Dialogue and Southern Africa Peoples Network hosted a summit with over two thousand delegates in Bulawayo Zimbabwe.

This summit had become traditional in the SADC regional in that it seeks to represent the peoples movement and their views simultaneously with the SADC head of States Summit in each country. Since in 2014 the SADC head of States Summit was in Victoria Falls so was the peoples summit near by.

the 2014 theme: Reclaiming SADC for People’s Development, SADC Resources for the SADC People.

The summit discussed developed policies in the extraction of natural resources;climate change and agriculture; youth and children rights and development; trade and investment; democracy and good governance legislation policies and practices, prioritized counties n the SADC region that face a human rights crisis and this year it was Swaziland.

To this the ACT NOW SWAZILAND Campaign profiles itself in Bulawayo through messaged in t shirts in a banner and in a Swazi corner visual exhibition.

The goal; To get Swaziland’s Human Rights Repressions in the SADC Head of States Agenda 2014- 2015


Freedom of Expression and Association for ALL!!!!

Release of ALL political prisoners!!!!!!!!